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New edition of my 1992 novel ‘Correspondence’ coming soon

My first novel, Correspondence, was published in 1992 by The Women’s Press (UK) and in 1993 by Overlook (USA).

Correspondence was short-listed for the Arthur C Clarke Award 1993The James Tiptree Jnr Award 1993; The Heinemann Fiction Award, and received a 1993 Encouragement Award from the European Science Fiction Society.

I’m working on a Kindle edition for release in Autumn 2018. This new edition will include previously unpublished commentary on the book. For updates, please subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter.

Boston Phoenix May 1993

‘Creative Writing: A Handbook for Workshop Leaders’ (1995) now available free at Google Books

Creative Writing‘Creative Writing: A Handbook for Workshop Leaders’ (1995) by Sue Thomas. Published by the Dept of Adult Education, University of Nottingham.

Download free from Google Books.

In the early 1990s, there were very few creative writing degrees in the UK but lots of creative writing workshops in the community. Many writers, including me, taught creative writing in libraries, prisons, hospitals, schools, even living rooms. The students were hugely varied, from enthusiastic poets to prospective autobiographers and hopeful screenwriters and everything in between. I’m no longer involved in that way but such groups are still very popular, and they often provide a valuable income for self-employed writers.

The idea for ‘Creative Writing: A Handbook for Workshop Leaders’ came from a collaboration between East Midlands Arts and the University of Nottingham’s Department of Adult Education, both now defunct. Its aim was to support creative writing teachers by collecting the wisdom of those East Midlands writers who were already involved in the practice. Many writers who teach writing have no formal training in teaching or facilitation and can find very few resources to help them when they’re starting out, or support them as they develop their skills. The book is divided into the following sections:

  1. Teaching Adults
  2. Teaching Writing
  3. Workshop Exercises
  4. Problems and Issues
  5. Resources and Information

Of course some of the material is now wildly out of date and there are virtually no web-based resources but a lot of it will still be useful. I especially like the inspiring vignettes by writers Catherine Byron, Kevin Fegan, Martin Glynn, Jacek Laskowski and Kathy Page.

A scan of it is now available free at Google Books, and you can download the pdf via the Gears icon on the right of the page.