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now available: From gunny sacks to mattress vine: notes on Douglas Engelbart, Tim O’Reilly, and the natural world

As a small boy growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the 1930s, Douglas Engelbart loved to play by the creek near his home. He would draw threads from old gunny sacks, re-twist them in multiple strands, then knot together the resulting rope into a swing to carry him back and forth across the running water below.

Thirty years later when he invented the hyperlink, a twist of code swinging data from one point to another, his intention remained much the same. The hyperlink, he says, is all about addressability – “being able to find any given object in another document and just go there."

Now available in the e-book Putting knowledge to work and letting information play: The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture edited by Timothy W. Luke and Jeremy W. Hunsinger.  Blacksburg, VA:Center for Digital Discourse and Culture.

Finding California in Cyberspace + Bruce Sterling and the SoCal DigiCult

LA Freeway
My article ‘When Geeks Go Camping: Finding California in Cyberspace’ has been published earlier than expected, so I would like to offer it up for some holiday entertainment. It’s kind of academic and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. (And if you are a camping geek, or geeking camper, or you know of any, please get in touch!)

In the same issue, Bruce Sterling expounds on the 'SoCal DigiCult': "The vitality of Southern California arises from the resilient intuition that there is always a next time, the next re-boot, the next re-framing. In this smouldering, quake-racked landscape are sturdy elements of deep cultural continuity, dating back to the first back-lot shacks flung up for the hasty production of silent film." You can feel the heat shimmering off the freeways.

Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media
Technologies, Vol. 15, No. 1, 13-30 (2009) DOI:
10.1177/1354856508097016  Sadly, it can only be accessed via subscription although the Editorial seems to be freely available.