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Mobile apps about nature and the outdoors from Greenapps&web

Greenapps&web is a directory of apps and devices related to environmental issues and includes many useful mobile apps about nature and the outdoors. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone interested in nature and technology, and includes several animal-focused apps, a subject which has proved extremely popular here at Technobiophilia. Here are just a few:

  • Hear a bird but don’t know what it is? Identify its song with the AI-based Warblr.
  • Let wild animals invade your phone with Zookazam, an educational application which uses augmented reality to show 3D models of different wild animals.
  • Install Whispers of the Wild and feel the call of Africa through the sounds of some of the most iconic animals living national and natural parks of southern and eastern Africa.

Or, on a different note, if you live in London and worry about your health, you can measure air pollution levels in your neighbourhood with CityAir. It allows you to search by name, define a route and see to what levels of pollution you are going to be subjected during the journey and review information on bus, bike, taxi, etc. as well as current levels of contamination of all gases and the annual nitrogen dioxide levels.

Find interesting mobile apps about nature and the outdoors

mobile apps about nature and the outdoorsThere are dozens of interesting desktop and mobile apps to discover at Greenapps&web. It was founded just over a year ago by Judit Urquijo, who lives in the Basque Country in Spain and originally trained as an environmental technician. She worked in environmental engineering for fifteen years before switching her focus to content curation and community management. Her website is designed to build awareness and share best practice from around the world and it has already become a valuable resource for people interested in building technobiophilia into their lives.  Judit writes every entry in both Spanish and English.

Something I really like about this particular site is that it’s divided into iOS, Android, and web – such a timesaver. If you’ve developed a mobile app you’d like her to review, get in touch with Judit!


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