Plants in the Office, Beyond Well-Being

Source: Plants in the Office, Beyond Well-Being | Business Center and Serviced Office News, Tips, and Articles | Officing Today

Talk around plants in office space is not new. Biophilic design approaches have been around for a while and various studies, as well as stats have shown that it’s beneficial to have green life around you while working.

Most of this talk, however, has solely focused on well-being in the office: plants help direct and guide energy in spaces; they help balance each individual’s energy among electronic devices; the color green visually suggests relaxation; plants improve air flow, which leads to better moods and improved concentration, ergo more productivity.

Without a doubt, workspace providers have abundant reasons to add green elements to their spaces, for the sake of well-being and (let’s be honest) for the sake of marketing as well. And if you’re still not yet fully convinced, we’re about to give you another reason to include plants in your office space–especially if you’re an open workspace provider.

We’ve heard of plants absorbing energy, but that’s not all that they absorb. Somewhere among all the talk about wellbeing and energy talk, noise was left out and lost. READ WHOLE ARTICLE

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