The Technobiophilic City


This month’s newsletter from The Biophilic Cities Network discusses technobiophilia.

In a wide-ranging essay, ‘Envisioning a Technobiophilic City‘, Tim Beatley writes  “We can look forward to the promise and potential of technobiophilic cities, that at once commit to restoring and enjoying actual nature, but acknowledge the realities of life in cities (much of it inside, and behind a screen), and the powerful ways in which our digital technologies could underpin and help to reinforce our nature-ful commitments and experiences and our biophilic tendencies”.

Julia Triman looks at Montréal’s Wild City Mapping project, an online platform for mapping the wild green spaces in the city “through the eyes of the community that uses them,” and Carla Jones interviews me about the Future of Technobiophilia as an adjunct to the webinar I presented earlier this year.

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