New website for CyberParks

cyberparksThe EU CyberParks project, of which I’m a member, has launched its new website.

You may wonder what a CyberPark is? This is our draft definition:
“A cyberpark is designed ecosystem of living processes and technologies. It comprises an outdoor green or blue space interacting with a digital intelligent environment. It usually contains living beings, plants, trees, and water features, many of which are integrated with computerised sensors, haptic technologies and virtual objects.” Its features can vary widely. For example, it can be used for a range of purposes such as exercise, leisure, social interaction, relaxation and many other activities.

  • It may be public or private.
  • It can be found in urban, suburban, rural, coastal and wilderness areas.
  • It can consist of a large area of land not covered with buildings, roads, or sports facilities, or a dedicated small area in such places as streets, squares, buildings (courtyards, roofs), or disused thoroughfares like the New York Highline. It can also be a beach, ocean, lake, river, or wetland.

CyberParks’ main objective is to create a research platform on the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the production of public open spaces, and their relevance to sustainable urban development. The impacts of this relationship will be explored from social, ecological and urban design perspectives. Please follow us on our journey!

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