@robinince has taken Technobiophilia on tour with him, but where is it now?

Robin Ince

Google Alerts are the digital equivalent of your ears burning when someone’s talking about you. They’re not very reliable, it’s true, but when an alert does penetrate the fog of cyberspace with news that you’re part of someone else’s day it’s always worth following it up.

So it was that Google tipped me off I’d been mentioned in Robin Ince‘s blog. I met Robin last year when he hosted a panel I was on at Nesta’s Futurefest event. He was curious about Technobiophilia so it’s great to see that he’s taken the book with him this autumn while he’s on tour around the UK.

So what does he think of it? Google brought me only one alert but he’s mentioned the book in three blog posts so far so it can’t be in the bin yet.  He started off by trying to use it to get to sleep (!), then picked it up again a couple of days later on a train, and a few days after that it accompanied him home from Oslo. Then I lost sight of it.

Has he still got it? Did it totally send him to sleep in the end? As he travels from gig to gig, I’ll keep an eye out for further appearances via Google’s inconsistent whispers…

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