Why is there no biophilic design in our digital lives? Let’s see some ideas!

I’ll be showing this video trailer at my talk this Friday, and asking ‘why has biophilic design not made it into our digital lives?’ There are so many ways in which it could be applied – web design, hardware design, interaction design — come on, let’s not leave it all to the physical world! Let’s see some ideas!


Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life (Trailer) from Tamarack Media on Vimeo.

We already apply biophilic design practices to our offline spaces but what about biophilic virtual architecture? You might consider redesigning your own online places along biophilic lines. Some social networks are design-restricted, such as Facebook which has us all locked in to a dreary office blue, but plenty of other social media sites offer tools with which to personalize the look of profiles and homepages. You may already have created biophilic online spaces without realizing it, but now you can design with more deliberate intention. And if you live far away from loved ones but connect with them online, give some thought to designing the space where you connect. Is it really necessary to always Skype with a messy bookcase or half-open door in the background? You could provide a much greener — or bluer — location to meet your distant loved ones. Or build a meeting place in Second Life or other virtual world or online game. There are many possibilities to try.

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