Transliteracy Archive

trg websiteThe concept of transliteracy was developed in 2006 at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU). Since then, it has been taken up around the world, most actively in the USA, France, and Australia, but research in the UK has slowed down. Plus, the researchers originally involved in its development have left DMU. But there’s still a lively interest in it. This year alone, I was invited to give a keynote speech on it at SUNY Empire State College and I’ve written a paper and a chapter on it. I’m currently a member of the Digital Reading Network based at Bournemouth University, where transliteracy plays an important role in the discussions, and I’m giving an online lecture on transliteracy and technobiophilia in November.  I maintain a page about transliteracy here.

But the original blog where all those heady conversations took place in the early days is no longer maintained, and for that reason I’ve copied it over to WordPress and archived it. The old address still works but the blog will not be updated. However, if you teach or research in this area, please do make use of this fantastic resource and share it with colleagues and students.

Important transliteracy research is happening in all kinds of places. The best way to find it is by following #transliteracy on Twitter. Enjoy!

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