Tech:nature literacy – Technobiophilia, Live Online Lecture, Metaliteracy MOOC, Monday 18 Nov 2013;

Tech:nature literacy – Technobiophilia
Monday, 18 November 2013

Live Session in Blackboard Collaborate with Sue Thomas and Michele Forte.
8:00 p.m. Moscow; 5:00 p.m. London; 12 noon New York; 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles; midnight Thursday Beijing.

The US publication of Technobiophilia: nature and cyberspace is scheduled for Thursday 21 November 2013. To celebrate, I will present an online lecture and discussion with Michele Forte on the connections between Transliteracy and Technobiophilia in the new Metaliteracy MOOC. It’s part of a series of Fall guest lectures exploring the intriguing new concept of metaliteracy developed by Tom Mackey and Trudi Jacobson.

The event is free and open to all, but you do need to register for the MOOC and be prepared to download Blackboard Collaborate to your computer. I believe Mac users have to install an additional file too. For more information contact the team.

Tech:nature literacy – Technobiophilia

This lecture uncovers a hidden literacy in the way we think about nature in cyberspace. Why are there so many nature metaphors – clouds, rivers, streams, viruses, and bugs – in the language of the internet? Why do we adorn our screens with exotic images of forests, waterfalls, animals and beaches? In her new book ‘Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace’, Sue Thomas interrogates the prevalence online of nature-derived metaphors and imagery and come to a surprising conclusion. The root of this trend, she believes, lies in biophilia, defined by biologist E.O. Wilson as ‘the innate attraction to life and lifelike processes’.  In this lecture, which marks the US launch of the book, she explores the strong thread of biophilia which runs through our online lives, a phenomenon she calls ‘technobiophilia’, or, the ‘innate attraction to life and lifelike processes as they appear in technology’.  The restorative qualities of biophilia can alleviate mental fatigue and enhance our capacity for directed attention, soothing our connected minds and easing our relationship with computers.

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About the Metaliteracy MOOC

The Metaliteracy MOOC is open to students at the University at Albany and Empire State College for credit as well as to all global participants as a free and open learning experience. We invite new ideas and conversations related to this evolving concept. If you would like to be eligible to receive college credits and are not a matriculated SUNY Empire State College student, it will be necessary, in addition, to register for the course with Empire State College. This link will take you to a page where you can then complete a short form for taking an Empire State College course as a non-degree student. More.

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