Speaking with the dead at FutureFest – xHumed, 29 September, London

xHumed1-310x302As well as the Sci-Fi Writers’ Parliament at Nesta’s FutureFest this coming weekend, I’ll also be joining Jason Jones-Hall‘s session  xHumed:

If we can archive and store our personal data, media, DNA and brain patterns, the question of whether we can bring back the dead is almost redundant. The right question is should we? It is the year 2050AD and great thought leaders from history have been “xHumed”. What could possibly go wrong? Through an interactive performance Five10Twelve will provoke and encourage the audience to consider the implications via soundbites and insights from eminent experts – both living and dead.

It may sound like a crazy idea but there are some serious debates to be had over what it would mean if people could be immortal or, controversially, only live forever if they were selected to do so. As with the SF Writers’ Parliament, there’ll be a vote at the end. Hope to see you there.

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