We surf the net, stream our films and save stuff in the cloud. Can we get all the nature we need from the digital world? #aeonmag #technobiophilia

If you’ve seen my piece at Aeon Magazine today you might be curious to learn more about the aquarium smartphone app Koi Live Wallpaper. It’s made by Kittehface, and here’s a detailed video review by SmartKeitai. (Incidentally, I’m very proud to be published by Aeon. I’ve been reading it pretty much since it began and I think it’s a wonderful magazine, full of ideas. Don’t miss it!)

4 thoughts on “We surf the net, stream our films and save stuff in the cloud. Can we get all the nature we need from the digital world? #aeonmag #technobiophilia”

  1. Very interesting article and the book looks great too, I’m fascinated by this stuff. Have you come across much political ecology in your research? I ask because ‘there’s nothing inherently unnatural about New York City’ is a very famous quote from David Harvey’s (the world’s most cited geographer and a leading Marxist social theorist) ‘Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference’.


    1. Hi glad you like my stuff! No, I haven’t looked at political ecology but I really like the New York quote. I guess the argument about nature and its value inevitably reaches over into the political. Another quote, this time from Douglas Rushkoff ‘we’ve been thinking about the web in terms of economy but we should be thinking about it in terms of ecology’.


      1. It’s something worth having a look at. I guess most simply it’s a body of work which attempts to break down those boundaries between nature and society, but in such a way as to frame the socio-ecological relations and processes in the world as inherently power-laden and never politically neutral. Urban political ecology is the sub-field I’ve generally had most contact with – two of the most cited pieces here are Swyngedouw’s ‘City as a Hybrid’ http://www.socgeo.ruhosting.nl/colloquium/science.pdf (not the actual article, but another paper of his) and Gandy’s ‘Cyborg Urbanisation’ http://www3.geog.ucl.ac.uk/about-the-department/people/academics/matthew-gandy/files/pdf1.pdf

        Will put your book on the Christmas list!


      2. Hi, I was just trawling through my spam folder and found your comment. Sorry for the delay in replying! Thanks for these links, I’ll follow them up. (Judging by the other stuff in the spam, I think it could have been your mention of Christmas List that caused the filter to kick in!)


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