Photo: Carolyn Black
Photo: Carolyn Black

This weekend marked a huge transition in my life. I left my job as Professor of New Media at De Montfort University and made the switch to freelance writing and consulting.  The change isn’t as drastic as it may seem because that’s how I made my living before I took a detour into academia, so it’s not unknown territory. But it’s been a while.

Also this weekend, I swam in the sea for the first time in several years and, as this picture shows, got smacked from behind by an unexpected wave. I look a bit shocked but actually it was very exhilarating, and since I spend a lot of my time exploring the synergies between cyberspace and the physical world, it was a useful reminder of what immersion really feels like!

I’m typing this at my desk. The beach is just a minute away. Later on I’ll be down there, splashing my way along the seashore.  But right at this moment a salty breeze is slipping in through the open window and I’m refreshed and ready to start.

From now on I am going to be writing, writing, writing.

POSTCRIPT: See my post written one year later!

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