A visit to Google Island (funny and scary)

Google IO attendees visit Google’s virtual island Photo: Alex Washburn/Wired

Mat Honan of Wired has captured the spirit of Google in this hilarious technobiophilic fantasy Welcome to Google Island (17/5/2013). Reaching the shore of Google Island on a self-driving boat, Mat is greeted by Larry Page who is ‘naked, save for a pair of eyeglasses’. Larry guides him across the beach…

We walked across the sand to a small gazebo, shaded by palms, where the beach met the forest. Two comfortable chairs faced the ocean. I watched the boat make its way towards the horizon, and noticed something odd on the beach.

“Larry, there’s only one set of footprints. How did…”

“You are with my Google Being. I’m not physically here, but I am present.

As the stunned journalist listens in awe, Page explains…

“My Google Being anticipates everything I would think, everything I would want to say or do or feel,” Larry explained. “Everywhere I would go. Years of research have gone into this. It is in every way the same as me. So much so that my physical form is no longer necessary. It was just getting in the way, so we removed it. Keep in mind that for now at least, Google Being is just a developer product.”

Follow Honan’s progress as he learns the terrible truth of  ‘the inevitable and logical end point of Google Island: a new Google Earth.’

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