Best cyberspace storytellers?

Opinions please re important cyberspace storytellers! In his 2004 book The Digital Sublime, Vincent Mosco listed the important cyberspace storytellers, or 'bricoleurs', as Negroponte, Gates, Gore and Dyson. (Yes, it seems a rather dated list for 2004! Not to mention 100% USA and 75% male.)

But it leads me to ask: who would you say are the important cyberspace storytellers today? Who frames the experience of the internet in a way which makes sense and inspires you for the future?

2 thoughts on “Best cyberspace storytellers?”

  1. Thanks Steve. Other names I’ve received elsewhere are William Gibson and Sherry Turkle. Interesting that 2/3 of these are nonfiction, and I must admit I did have nonfiction in mind when I asked the question.


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