Why Do Geeks Go Camping? FOO And Other Brushes With Nature @ FutureEverything

FuturesonicLogoReverse_normal.gif This May I've been invited to the FutureEverything Conference in Manchester, England, to share some selected tales and speculations about nature and cyberspace.

I plan to connect:

  • Apple trees with wikis
  • Doug Engelbart and Tim O’Reilly by way of gunny sacks and mattress vine
  • Google OpenSocial with American naturalist John Muir and President Roosevelt
  • Network bandwidth with the Atlantic Ocean
  • Twitter with zillions of tiny rivers
  • and Howard Rheingold with all kinds of trees

At the FutureEverything conference visionary speakers explore the interface between technology, society and culture. According to The Guardian, the entire FutureEverything Festival is 'crammed with geek cool'.  It runs from 11-14 May 2011. Find out more.

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