The Valley of Silicon 1998

Valley of Silicon This great image, credited to Cobraboy, was created in 1998. It imagines a glowing electronic Silicon Valley streaming all the way to the Pacific Ocean. For those who have never visited Silicon Valley, you need to know that the geography is nothing like this and in fact the Valley is separated from the Pacific by a string of mountain ranges. Presumably the artist imagined some kind of magical smoothing by the power of technology.

I came across it at Siliconia, edited by Keith Dawson. Siliconia is "the definitive collection of Siliconia on the Web. Siliconia are appropriations of names beginning with "Silicon" by areas outside Silicon Valley. A Siliconium can be promoted by local boosters or it can be assigned to an area in a press account. An ideal Siliconium will capture something unique about the regional character and when first encountered will bring a fleeting smile." Over a decade old now but still worth checking out.

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