Kevin Kelly Internet Mapping Project

Kellymap Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly at his studio in the seaside town of Pacifica, California. I was intrigued to learn about his Internet Mapping Project – an idea very close to my own heart.  You are invited to download the template, draw a map of the internet as you see it, and send it to him for inclusion in his Flickr gallery.

We talked about nature and cyberspace and I asked him the question I ask all my interviewees – 'if cyberspace were a landscape, what kind of landscape would it be?' His answer was complex and multi-faceted  but I especially liked his description of  'A redwood grove with a Kk_hatcathedral-like feeling. The kind of place which conjures a sense of spiritual awe, of being in the presence of something bigger than ourselves' (my paraphrasing).

Kelly's new book What Technology Wants is out this autumn. In the meantime, much of the thinking behind it can be found in the Technium section of his website. Especially fascinating is his explanation of how 'technology has become the seventh kingdom of life'. 

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