Which space is more significant: outer space or cyberspace?

This month we're celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing. Few people connect this celebration with the fact that by some spooky serendipity 1969 was the year that humans landed first ‘on’ the moon (July) and then ‘in’ cyberspace (the first two nodes of the internet were connected in September).

Today the mountains of the Moon remain largely neglected and unexplored, but cyberspace has evolved into a deeply familiar habitat with a complex geography shaped by those who inhabit it. It could be said that the entering of cyberspace has proved to be a far more profound experience than the entering of outer

Image: Detail of ACC 1992 calendar, commissioned by Roland Bryan, a collaborative effort by ACC staff and the artist Chuck Huckeba

2 thoughts on “Which space is more significant: outer space or cyberspace?”

  1. A couple of nice Twitter replies:
    @tonisant Neither, inner space is more significant.8:56 PM Jul 16th from web
    @CannonGod I started out looking at stars & did a Physics degree, then learned I’d never see those stars up close. Cyberspace I can touch ;) 7:11 PM Jul 16th from Twitscoop


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