Streams, rivers, torrents and clouds @ Amplified08

I've decided to offer a session about The Wild Surmise at Amplified08 , to be held at NESTA in London on 27 Nov 08.  It's rather peripheral to the interests of the event, perhaps, but a friend suggested it and it seems like a good opportunity to harvest metaphors from an impressively knowledgeable crowd of people. So, hopefully, someone will come and chat with me about it! This is the blurb:

Streams, rivers, torrents and clouds: nature and cyberspace
– The web is already greener than you think. My research is showing
that users view cyberspace as an organic, holistic, evolving eco-system
of connectedness. To quote Bruce Sterling, 'if the internet were a
landscape it would be 'a bubbling primal soup full of worms and
viruses.' This somewhat light-hearted diversion from the serious
business of surviving the credit crunch requests your help in exploring
the surprising story of nature metaphors and the internet. Are you
swimming in the lifestream? And can this knowledge help you understand
the needs of your clients?

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