Of course, the new Google Android phone is of the ocean

Androidheader A while ago I discussed the notion of the new Chrome browser as being ‘of the earth’ . Now we are starting to see early manifestations of Google’s Android phone and, judging by the detail in this picture at least, Android will be of the ocean.True, there’s a chance this is an image of an inland lake rather than a sea, but it looks to me like the kinds of salt-sweet waters you get close to the mainland, such as the area around Vancouver Island, scattered with anything from smallish rocks in the shallows to entire island-size landmasses to the broad Pacific beyond. This makes sense since my research is clearly showing water as the most commonly-used of the four elements in the range of nature metaphors attributable to digital space. I plan to buy an Android as soon as I touch down in California in January – can’t wait to find out how it feels to use it.

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